The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show welcomes Sonofresco as a 2018 Session Sponsor!

Sonofresco is excited to participate as a Session Sponsor at The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show, taking place on September 23 & 24, 2018 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Sonofresco is an innovative manufacturer of commercial coffee roasters that offer roasting accessories and affordable tools to launch a home or commercial coffee business of any size. The Sonofresco One Pound and Sample Coffee Roaster combination and Two Pound Coffee Roaster offer you the latest technology in high quality, consistent, efficient, fluid-bed roasting. In addition to high-quality roasting equipment, Sonofresco also offers Specialty Grade green coffee beans from the top growing regions of the world. With the finest green beans and the ability to customize your roasts, it is possible to roast 55 lbs. in an 8-hour shift using one of their 2 lb. roaster models. Attend the Sonofresco session, where they discuss user-friendly controls and push-button simplicity that take the complications out of the process so you can learn the art of roasting.

Sonofresco provides the tools to bring a higher level of quality into your coffee business. Once you begin roasting your own coffee, you have controls over flavor profiles and other custom tools that can separate your company’s product from the pack. Of course, roasting is also great theater that enhances the atmosphere in any environment. Let Sonofresco roasters and beans take your coffee business to the next level.

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