Invite your customers and promote your presence at the show!

Customer Invitation

Each exhibitor receives approximately 50 hard copies of the customer invitation in the mail, personalized with their dedicated promo code. We encourage to distribute these invitations to your existing clients and prospects to maximize traffic to your booth.

The exhibiting company that invites the most attendees to the show will have a chance to win:

You can also download the customizable customer invitation PDF (below), make it your own by adding in your promo code! Send this invitation out electronically or print out to hand deliver or mail.

Customer invitation

Click HERE to download the customer invitation PDF template and customize it with your dedicated promo code!

Customizable Web banner

Click HERE to download the web banner (.pdf) and customize it with your booth number and dedicated promo code!

You can post it on your website, include it in emails or share it on your social media platforms, whatever works for you!

Show logo & banner

Show Logo

The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show logo is available for you to include on pre-show communications. Download here

Show Banner

Use the general show web banner to post on your website and social media platforms.
Click HERE to download  the show banner.

Don’t forget to tag us #CoffeeTeaShow and/or use the handle @CoffeeTeaShow