The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show welcomes EuroExcellence as a Product Sponsor!

EuroExcellence is excited to showcase their products at The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show, taking place on September 23 & 24, 2018 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Since its acquisition in November 2016, EuroExcellence, a division of Regal Confections Inc., is the largest distributor of confectioneries in Canada. Regal Confections Inc. has been in operations for more than 50 years and is the Canadian custodian and representative of international prestigious brands in the world of confectionery. Regal’s strength lies in the diversity, innovation and quality of its products range as well as the superiority of its brands.

EuroExcellence currently works with more than 60 suppliers from all over the world and represents a portfolio of recognized brands in their home market. Be sure to check out their booth on the trade show floor to find a series of gourmet products.

Founded in 1985, EuroExcellence originally specialized in importing high-end chocolate and confectionery, contributing to the development of the premium chocolate category in Canada. Over the years, EuroExcellence has significantly expanded and diversified its catalog to offer its customers a wide range of gourmet products divided in four categories: Cookies and Cakes, Chocolate, Confectionery and Fine Food.


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