Discover trends, opportunities & strategies to advance in YOUR industry

The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show returns to Toronto for another exciting year, hosting exhibitors and attendees focused on brewing NEW success in their businesses. The all NEW workshops and education sessions will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn NEW strategies and solutions to grow sales. The coffee- and tea-focused curriculum will appeal to NEW entrepreneurs, independents and chain operators alike. Hands-on workshops will provide practical knowledge for operators looking to enhance their coffee and tea expertise. Seminars led by industry experts will give attendees the most up-to-date news on key industry issues and NEW opportunities to increase revenues and take advantage of emerging market trends.

The trade show floor is packed with NEW and exciting local, national and global suppliers showcasing the latest and greatest in NEW equipment, products, and available services. If you are looking for NEW products, ways to improve your business and grow your coffee and tea sales, you will definitely want to put this show on your calendar!

Why you should attend

  • Uncover NEW ways to grow your sales
  • Learn to build a profitable tea program
  • Discover NEW products on the trade show floor
  • Meet leading suppliers and industry leaders on the trade show floor
  • Unlock NEW ideas to better your business and grow your bottom line

Who should attend

  • Food and beverage buyers
  • Independent owners/operators
  • Restaurant chain managers and buyers
  • Roasters and packagers
  • Baristas
  • Chain head office purchasing agents
  • Growers/Exporters/Importers
  • Distributors
  • Independent caterers
  • Dessert and pastry chefs
  • Chocolatiers
  • Executive hotel and spa buyers
  • Grocery, convenience and large retail buyers
  • Health and organic food purchasers